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The tax business has been in a constant state of change with new tax laws coming and going creating the need to keep abreast of the effects to the American taxpayer. We offer free phone consultation throughout the year to all clients.

Overseas taxpayers have a unique combination of circumstances that makes them different from statesiders. We offer free tax consultation to all new clients to get acquainted.

We can Help

Financial Forecasts Inc. has provided tax preparation and financial planning since 1989. We specialize in the tax and financial planning needs of the Foreign Service and Overseas taxpayer's but offer our services to any tax issue no matter how large or small. Our goal is to limit your tax liability and improve your financial position from year to year with a comprehensive approach to help individuals and small businesses with their financial needs. We prepare over 1,000 income tax returns yearly and are constantly learning what is working and what is not in the marketplace. Chances are we have already seen a similar scenario play out so we can help others avoid life's many potholes. We are always willing to take clients calls or e-mails and do not charge anything for this because we would like our clients to feel comfortable with contacting us before they make a decision that impacts tax liability. Open year round we endeavor to give a common sense approach to the constantly changing landscape of tax and investment planning. We do not sell or promote any investment products and we do not manage people's money. This philosophy creates an unbiased and honest environment that is best for the clients financial well being.  

Tax Preparation & Planning

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Due to our large volume of Foreign Service and Overseas clients we have the ability to complete returns any method that the client prefers. We can complete everything via e-mail, traditional mail, or an office appointment. Electronic filing or e-filing is the new mandate at the IRS and we make that process smooth and easily understandable for all.